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Intelligent systems – AI, machine vision, computer vision, robotics, and human controlled systems need better vision systems to fulfill their potential. Whether driving through a busy intersection, identifying cancer cells, or recognizing individuals in a crowd, there is a growing performance gap between what Intelligent Systems can process and what current optical technologies can provide. Lens systems are the lagging weak link in the image and data acquisition technology chain, and are holding back advances in Intelligent Systems.

Saikou Optics is closing the performance gap between Intelligent Systems and optical technologies, with optical systems that integrate in a closed-loop platform and interact intelligently in real time with any operator, whether human or computer and acquire more information from environments at higher speeds. Our approach enables faster and more sensitive acquisition of 3D data; accelerates Real World Data Mining and Deep Learning and makes AI applications more powerful and accessible.


Saikou Optics is building the Visioning Layer of the AI Technology Stack.

Saikou Optics

visioning systems


A compact form factor, with nanometer precision for live volumetric streaming, robust enough for extended use in harsh environments, and cost-wise accessible enough to become the new standard technology for many kinds of advanced optical systems.


Karen Francis

Karen C. Francis is an experienced CEO and Board Director with a strong track record of successfully building companies and businesses across multiple industries. She brings to Saikou Optics the benefits of her visionary leadership and strong strategic, marketing, technology, and leadership skills. Karen has deep domain knowledge in the automotive and advertising sectors and has embraced the opportunities that technology disruption is creating globally. Karen serves on the Boards of Directors of public companies AutoNation (NYSE: AN) and Telenav (NASDAQ: TNAV), as well as private companies Nauto, Dynamic Signal, and CircleGraphics.  She holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School where she has been appointed to the HBS Alumni Board and a BA in Economics from Dartmouth College where she served for nine years on the Board of Trustees.

Stanley Schwartz

Stan Schwartz is providing Saikou Optics the benefits of a 35-year career in the light microscopy industry, including many years with Nikon Instruments in charge of sales, product development and global product training. Stan is an experienced executive with P&L responsibilities in all aspects of the light microscopy industry, from field sales, product management, new product launches, product development, marketing and advertising, training and support, operations, service, Mergers and Acquisitions, contracts and licensing and business diversification. He is an expert in the areas of future technologies as related to new systems microscopy applications and products, involving confocal, lasers, super resolution, digital imaging, detectors, automation and new optics directions. 

Mubarak Shah, PhD

Dr. Mubarak Shah brings to Saikou Optics tremendous experience in research and consulting to companies in computer vision systems, an area of artificial intelligence where our lensing systems will make a significant impact. He is the Trustee Chair Professor of Computer Science and is the founding director of the Center for Research in Computer Vision at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Shah is a fellow of IEEE, AAAS, IAPR and SPIE. He is a prominent speaker, writer and editor and a widely recognized recipient of numerous awards for his research contributions in the fields of video surveillance, visual tracking, human activity recognition, visual analysis of crowded scenes, video registration, and UAV video analysis.



Saikou Optics Incorporated

Orlando, Florida 32826
(407) 986-4200

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Eric Sanford

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Eric Sanford is the author of the Company’s proprietary technology (patents pending) and the Company’s Founder and CEO. He was previously Vice President of Computer Graphics and Studio Productions and one of the first employees of Magic Leap Inc. Eric is a two-time Visual Effects Society nominated visual artist and programmer with over 20 years of experience in the technologies behind creating high-end feature film visual effects. Through this experience, Eric developed unique insight into the capabilities and constraints of the image capture and rendering technologies. He has also held executive positions at Sony Pictures Imageworks and Digital Domain, and The 3d Chop Shop, a company he founded, which digitized sets and props for the film industry for nearly a decade.

William Krueger contributes deep and broad international experience in starting-up and building-out businesses in corporate, joint venture and private-equity funded environments. Bill received his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management followed by careers in investment banking, executive management, and venture capital in several industries, including mobile telecommunications, medical technology, and enterprise software systems. Bill’s working languages are German, French and Chinese, having been based 8 years in Europe and 14 years in Asia. He formerly held principal, board and executive positions with Xin De Capital Group, Xin De Telecom International Ventures Co., Siemens AG, Haemonetics Corp., and Lehman Brothers.

William Krueger

Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer


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